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Innovation and expertise

Oxydtron's experts have created an innovative waterproofing technology as a simple, seamless solution to combat waterlogged walls .

The intention of the Group is not to sell a product. Rather, it offers a complex solution accompanied by expert assistance. This allows for providing clear information and obtaining reliable results.



BioEkoTech Hungary Ltd.

The family-owned company has been manufacturing and developing waterproofing technology since 2008. The Oxydtron product range is the result of the evolution of an old Polish technology. The brand name has been continuously researched and developed since it was patented in 2010.


Oxydtron Trade Ltd.

The sole and exclusive distributor of the Oxydtron product range, selling the technology since 2018 in Hungary as well as in numerous European countries. Additionally, Oxydtron Trade provides engineering services, supporting its partners with waterproofing design and structural planning.


Oxydtron Technical Ltd.

The only certified specialized contractor of the Oxydtron technology, operating in Hungary since 2014. Thanks to its flexibility and customer-oriented approach, the company is a credible advocate for the everyday use of the technology and its practical implementation.

Goals and vision

The Group aims to promote the use of waterproofing technology as an effective, long term, environmentally-friendly solution.

Oxydtron is more than just a building material. It is rather an innovative technology backed up by strong technical support from the company's experts. In addition to planning, we provide expert advice and consultation to effectively resolve waterproofing problems on a day-to-day basis.

In Germany

Oxydtron is also successful outside of Hungary. Since 2022, Oxydtron Trade GmbH has been the company’s exclusive distributor in Germany, and Oxydtron Technical GmbH has been operating as a contractor in Hamburg. In addition to construction, the German company also provides technical consultancy and training.

More information on the companyis available here:

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Made in Hungary

Oxydtron products are 100% Hungarian-owned and manufactured. A reliable, efficient, affordable, domestic solution for over 15 years.

High level of guarantee

Each project involves the implementation and certification of self-produced products. The technology works and accountability is guaranteed.

Background support

A complex solution instead of a product. We provide expert advice, planning, technical assistance and implementation to ensure that the user's problem is solved, regardless of project size.

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