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Shared goals, innovation, and success! We can achieve all of this and more by complementing and supporting each other in the use of technology.
Almost all construction professionals have encountered waterproofing issues to a certain extent in their respective fields, whether it’s dealing with a damp wall, bathroom renovations, a cellar retrofit insulation, or patio waterproofing.

Oxydtron provides an ideal technological solution for improving water-related problems. Thanks to its simple use, painters, tilers, and fitters can easily use it in their day-today activities.
We believe that combining the experience acquired in construction with the deeper professional expertise behind the Oxydtron technology can further increase the effectiveness of execution.

To reach as many places as possible, innovative solutions require open-minded contractors who can apply the technology in a professional manner in their day-to-day jobs. To this end, we are looking for contractors who are happy to try the products and use those professionally in the course of various construction projects.

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The Oxydtron technology allows you to take your waterproofing projects to the next level. Apply the construction industry’s latest waterproofing solutions and provide your customers durability and quality.

The Oxydtron technology

Find out more about Oxydtron’s innovative solutions! From primers to aesthetic mortar, all of our products were made in the spirit of quality and durability.
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Oxydtron Products

Discover the Oxydtron product range! Five different cement technology-based products. Efficient, reliable, and durable solutions for all buildings.
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Instructions of use

Find out how to apply the Oxydtron Watertight plaster system for masonry and concrete structures!
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Oxydtron products are 100% Hungarian-owned and manufactured. A reliable, efficient, affordable, domestic solution for over 15 years.
Each project involves the implementation and certification of self-produced products. The technology works and accountability is guaranteed.
A complex solution instead of a product. We provide expert advice, planning, technical assistance and implementation to ensure that the user's problem is solved, regardless of project size.

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