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Production - Research and development


The founder of Bioekotech Hungary Ltd. used a waterproofing process at the Paks Nuclear Power Plant aimed at resolving the issue of negative, i.e. internal insulation of buildings. An old Polish technology was used during the construction. The Oxydtron brand was born as an improved version of this process.

The technology has become increasingly popular, excelling even in areas where no effective solution has been previously identified.

Product development through innovation

In 2010, the brand was registered as a trademark. Over the years, our company has been engaged in multiple research and development projects. This resulted in a state-of-the-art waterproofing solution, produced in a well-equipped factory, incorporating innovative technology.

Environmentally friendly,
durable, effective

From the outset, there has been great emphasis on developing environmentally friendly production methods. Furthermore, the manufacturing processes have been designed to prioritize efficiency and longevity.

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Gábor Balogh

Tibor Nagy

László Ujvári

Oxydtron Trade LTD.

Hungary, 7030 Paks, Dózsa György út 52.

CRN.: 17 09 011514

VAT number: 26245720-2-17

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