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Retrofit waterproofing
with Oxydtron technology

Oxydtron technology is a modern and durable solution for waterlogged walls.

It protects new buildings and renews old ones, making them stronger and even more stable than in their original state.


„Water is the solution, not the enemy"”

The basic operating principle of Oxydtron products is to utilize water present in buildings, including old, aged or new structures.

In the presence of water, Oxydtron products interact with old concrete, brick or other porous mineral building materials, triggering secondary crystallization processes. This provides long-term resilience.


An effective solution to common problems

  • Retrofit waterproofing wet, damp basements
  • Insulation of wet walls
  • Interior retrofit waterproofing
  • Waterproofing the inside/negative side
  • Waterproofing damp homes and rooms
  • Waterproofing and retrofit waterproofing listed buildings
  • Waterproofing nitrous walls
  • Insulation of salt-laden structures
  • Waterproofing balconies
  • Waterproofing pools
  • Waterproofing footings
  • Waterproofing waterlogged basements
  • Waterproofing without injection
  • Insulation of drinking water reservoirs
  • Insulation of cisterns
  • Waterproofing footings
  • Insulation of fire water reservoirs
  • Insulation of drinking water reservoirs
  • Insulation of waste water reservoirs

There is a huge range of globally available waterproofing plasters and various watertight mortar systems that only cover a small segment of the market offer.

These include injection, wall cutting, sheet insulation, internal resin insulation, cement slurries and a combination of these technologies.

Compared to its competitors, Oxydtron stands out in the market with its ease of use. It provides complete waterproofing without static interventions and chemicals.

In addition, it provides a durable solution by using only a few products.

Benefits guaranteed by
Oxydtron technology

Resilience. Watertightness. Load capacity. All of these can be achieved quickly and easily with the use of our products.

Wide range of use.

Repair of corroded, fragmented concrete structures, retrofit waterproofing of miscellaneous masonry work, with the exception of Ytong and adobe.

An superb waterproofing material for internal thermal insulation systems where dry construction is required. To be applied as render.

Positive side water retention. (For the simple and rapid insulation of pools, as well as water, waste water and fire water reservoirs)

Perfect protection on the negative side up to 5 bar water pressure. (Negative side water pressure)

Short implementation time, as it is not required for the structure to be dried prior to application.

Waterproofing newly-built structures in case of making fresh concrete. (For concrete made with Oxydtron Nanocement admixture)

Insulation of substrates against water pressure.

Suitable for use on both the positive and negative side.

Corrosion protection.


the Oxydtron
product range!

Five different
cement technology-based
products Easy to use.
Versatile application.

Hotspot image
Hotspot image
Oxydtron Renvoa
Oxydtron Renova is a surface filler mortar containing the Oxydtron agent.
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Hotspot image
OXYDTRON "B" primer
A grey, powdery mineral mixture containing the Oxydtron agent.
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Oxydtron Estrich
Fiber dry concrete with high compressive strength.
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Watertight and Repair Mortar
Dry, premixed, cement-based, fine-grained watertight plaster containing the Oxydtron agent for exterior and interior use.
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Oxydtron Nanocement
Watertight concrete admixture.
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Three convincing arguments
why to choose us


Made in Hungary

Oxydtron products are 100% Hungarian-owned and manufactured. A reliable, efficient, affordable, domestic solution for over 15 years.

High level of guarantee

Each project involves the implementation and certification of self-produced products. The technology works and accountability is guaranteed.

Background support

A complex solution instead of a product. We provide expert advice, planning, technical assistance and implementation to ensure that the user's problem is solved, regardless of project size.

Complex solution and professional support,
so that your problem is fully resolved.

Oxydtron is more than just a building material. It is rather an innovative technology backed up by strong technical support from the company's experts.

Oxydtron products

Five different products based on cement technologies. Easy to use.Versatile application.
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Oxydtron implementation

For nearly 10 years, our company has been operating as the exclusive contractor engaged in implementing Oxydtron products in both Hungary and foreign countries
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Oxydtron sales

Oxydtron Trade Ltd. was established to sell Oxydtron products. It provides a stable foundation for the brand's sales, both domestically and internationally, making it a key member of the Group.
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